Save the Date!

We now have a date for CoMMiESFest 7! April 16th, 2016. The special theme is Wild Kingdom. This means that anything that’s a critter is eligible. Mustangs (both Ford and P-51), Hornets (bug & plane), etc. Yes, even slapping a Hello Kitty decal on an Abrams will count. Keep watching this space for more information!

9 thoughts on “Save the Date!

  1. Do I have to paint the model to look like the animal such as if I bring a tiger tank does it need to be painted like a tiger

  2. Will the rules for April 16th be posted soon? Will we be able to download and print the model registration forms before the event?

    1. We are just finishing the rules up, and hope to have them posted soon. The registration forms will be posted on the site as well.

      1. Less than a week to go and there’s still no online registration forms. This will definitely speed up model registration at the event.

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