How We Judge a Model

As judges, we are not deciding whether or not we like the subject.
We are looking at two things: Fit and Finish

Fit: how well is the model constructed?

  • Are the parts fitted together well, with no gaps?
  • Has the excess sprue from the sprue tree been cleanly removed from the parts?
  • Have ejector pin marks and resin bubbles been filled or sanded away?
  • Are there seams only where there should be seams?
  • Has the glue been applied cleanly? (No visible glue globs, please.)

Finish: paint and weathering.

  • Is paint texture consistent, with no pebbling, orange peel, or fingerprints?
  • Are decals trimmed? Do they lay flat? Are they straight/level, with no silvering?
  • Are windscreens, canopies and other clear parts clean, clear, and polished, where appropriate?
  • Is there a consistent level of surface detail?
  • Is weathering “to scale” with the model?