2020 is dead. Long live 2021!

I bring the sad news that CoMMiESFest 2020 is officially canceled. We’d hoped that delaying until August would give our state the means to get a handle on coronavirus. But with the uptick in cases, we cannot in good conscience move forward with CoMMiESFest. A model show is not worth anyone’s health. We will have…

CoMMiESFest 2020 Postponed.

Due to the latest CDC guidelines, we are postponing CoMMiESFest 2020. We are negotiating right now with the fairgrounds on an appropriate date, most likely this summer. Watch this space and our Facebook page for more information. Sorry to have to do this, but we just can’t put it on right now. We really wanted…


We have a few sponsorship slots left, please contact our Sponsorship Czar, or fill and return this form.

Registration and Entry Forms

The Registration and Entry forms have been uploaded. Find them here, or on the heading at the top.

Demo Schedule

We have our schedule for demos ready. All of these will be streamed to our Facebook page and Youtube. Demo Table One: 10:00 Painting Figures in Acrylics and Oils11:00 Lighting Models1:00 Working with Photo etch2:00 Aircraft Rigging3:00 Flesh tones Demo Table Two: 10:00 3D Printing11:00 Decaling1:00 My Tool Box2:00 The Art of applying Bare Metal3:00…

CoMMiESFest 2020!

First off, I want to apologize about the lateness of getting these posts going. I try to start getting things together at the beginning of the year, and everything just has been delaying me. After getting off work, the last thing I’ve been wanting to do is get in front of a computer. Anyway, that’s…

Preregistration Open!

Preregistration is now open for CoMMiESFest 2019! Please use the following link: http://www.commiesfest.com/cf19 Share and enjoy! Any problems please report to danielh@holmesonics.com

CF 2019 flyer

Demo update:

Yvonne Carpenter will be back, presenting her ever-popular demo on photo etch and soldering. Yvonne puts PE motorcycle chain together for her model motorcycle builds, so she knows whereof she speaks!

this year’s theme: One Small Step – the world of 1969

yes, the moon landing, but so many other things as well. your favorite 1969 model year car? military vehicles in service that year (best of these went into service that year, but what the hey…), movies out that year? current events?