CoMMiESFest 6

IPMS Region 10 Regional Convention

12th & 13th of June, 2015

What's new?

2015.02.28 — The links don't work

The links in the main navigation pane have been temporarily deactivated while we create new content for them. They will be turned back on as we get the content updated for the next show.

Thank you for your patience.

2015.02.19 — Hotel Rooms

We'll be at the Holiday Inn Denver East - Stapleton (3333 E Quebec St, Denver CO 80207) for the show. We have a discounted room rate that's good for the 10-15th of June - in case you're coming from out of town and want to make a vacation out of it.

To make reservations, please contact hotel directly at 303-321-3500, and ask for the Region 10 model show block. $89/night

2015.02.15 — Category Sponsors

Potential sponsors can connect with Pat Amaral (, who's specifically in charge of sponsorships. Please keep in mind that, like at Nationals, if you want to sponsor your own special award, we ask that you sponsor a regular 1-3 category as well. Category sponsorships will be $30.

2015.02.15 — Vendor Tables

Interested in getting a table in the vendor's room? Talk to our vendor-wrangler, Sean Kneeland ( Preliminary count is 24 8-foot tables available in the vendor room, and as is our custom, returning vendors have right of first refusal. Vendors room will only be open on Saturday, as Friday is historically a very slow day for vendors, and we'd like them to be able to wander around some before they get chained to their tables.

2015.02.08 — Special Awards

We've had three requests to special awards so far. Today, I'll highlight one of them. "Squeeeee" is sponsored by WhimZ, and will be an award for the most cute, fun, or otherwise squeee-inspiring model. sometime you just want to build something silly. Let us see your fun side!!

2015.02.03 — Demos and Workshops

As always, we'll have demos and workshops throughout the event. If there's something special you'd like to see, or something you're willing to teach, please let us know!

2015.02.02 — Categories Almost Ready

Categories are almost ready to post. Shortly thereafter, we'll be starting our campaign for sponsorships. Stay tuned!

2015.01.31 — What is Region 10?

Region 10 includes Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. Last year's Regional show was held in Albuquerque. We're hoping modelers from Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming will join us as well this year, as you don't have to live in the Region to compete. Neither do you have to be an IPMS member. So whether you're a dues-paying member or not, we'd love to see you compete in our show!!

2015.01.31 — What is IPMS?

The IPMS is the International Plastic Modelers Society. We're people who build scale models of things as a hobby. Yeah, there's an official group for us. Who'd have thought?

The CoMMiES are only one of several chapters of the organization in the Denver Metro. The other groups in Colorado are: Rocky Mountain, Centennial, Legacy, Denver-Rob Wolf, Front Range Scale Modelers, High Plains Scale Modelers, and Grand Junction Scale Modelers. Here's a link to the IPMS page for Colorado so you can see who meets where and when.

2015.01.31 — The Theme

This year's theme? 50 Shades of Green

2015.01.31 — Preliminary Flyers

Preliminary flyers will be delivered to Colpar East Feb 1. We'll post details here and on Facebook as they are finalized.

2015.01.31 — Location, Location, Location

We'll be at the Holiday Inn Stapleton (on Quebec) here in Denver. The event starts on Friday and ends Saturday night. Activities will include: the contest (entries accepted all day Friday, and Saturday until noon), a vendors room, Make & Take for the kids, classes & demos both days (DINO 101 is all day Friday), and a meet & greet Friday evening out on the hotel 2nd floor deck (menu for that hasn't been set yet, but we're thinking BBQ).

2015.01.31 — Is the show happening?

For all of you who are wondering if CoMMiESFest is happening this year, the answer is yes. But not until June. The CoMMiES have decided to try their hand at a regional event. So June 12-13, 2015, the CoMMiES will be hosting CoMMiESFest 6 - IPMS/Region 10.

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