this year’s theme: One Small Step – the world of 1969

yes, the moon landing, but so many other things as well. your favorite 1969 model year car? military vehicles in service that year (best of these went into service that year, but what the hey…), movies out that year? current events?

save the date! March 30, 2019

Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Golden Colorado registration – 9 AM to Noon judging approx 1-4 awards approx 5 pm

getting ready for CoMMiESFest 2019

how’s your build going?

Colin Cantwell at CF18!

I want to announce that Death Star Creator Colin Cantwell will be joining us at CoMMiESFest! I’ve met and talked with Colin on several occasions, and he’s the definition of Renaissance Man. I encourage everyone attending to stop by his booth, and purchase a print and photo with him. Colin’s biography: Death Star Creator, Colin…

Online Registration!

We are going to try something a little new this year. Online registration. This should speed up our registration lines. This week, we are going to pre register attendees. Please try it and let me (Dan danielh @ ) know how it’s goes for you. . We will be adding in model registration…

2018 Registration and Entry Forms here!

I thought I’d posted this earlier, but for some reason it didn’t publish. Here’s the new 2018 forms: 2018 Registration Form 2018 Entry Form I also plan on having electronic registration this year, please keep watching this website!

CoMMiESFest 2018

We are continuing the long hallowed tradition of holding CoMMiESFests. This year, our theme is “At The Movies”. This means anything represented in TV or Film is eligible. You need to tell us, on your entry form, what movie or TV show. It doesn’t matter the episode, or what scene, and it doesn’t have to exactly…

Live streaming possibilities. 

For the last few CoMMiESFests, I’ve live streamed as much as I can. Is anyone interested in me doing this again? Reply in the comments. 

2017 Registration and Entry forms available.

These are the registration and entry forms available. Until we get online registration working, feel free to fill out these forms and bring them to the show! Registration Form Model Entry Form

CoMMiESFest 2017! 

We now have a date for CoMMiESFest 8! March 4th, 2017. The special theme is Let It Snow. This means that anything that’s related to snow is eligible for the special theme award. Snowmen, winter schemes, even a pile of water is eligible! Keep watching this space for more information!